Roadside Assistance Coverage As Part of Your Auto Insurance Policy

Among the many different options that automobile insurance company carriers offer to their customers is a benefit called roadside assistance. This coverage is usually an optional payment that represents a very inexpensive increase to your total policy premiums but one that could wind up saving you hundreds of dollars within a year’s time should your car break down on the road just once. If you don’t already belong to a motoring club such as the Automobile Association of America (AAA) which includes roadside assistance as the major benefit of membership, it may be smart to find out if your current insurance company offers this coverage or to ask about it when you are reviewing new auto insurance quotes.

Advantages of Having Roadside Assistance Coverage in Auto Insurance

Roadside assistance covers the cost of towing your disabled vehicle to the nearest repair facility, a service which can often save the driver $100 or more in out of pocket expenses. In addition, some roadside assistance policies cover a certain amount of labor involved at the place where the breakdown occurred. This can cover everything from charging a dead battery and changing a flat tire to providing lockout service in the event your car keys are lost or stolen, providing gas or other fluid to enable the vehicle to be driven to a repair facility, and helping a car that has been entrapped by snow, sand or water within 100 feet of a roadway.

Roadside Assistance Coverage and Car with Tow TruckOne of the biggest benefits of opting to include roadside assistance coverage in your automobile insurance policy is that it is a very affordable way to cover the cost of towing your vehicle in the event of a mechanical or electrical breakdown while on the road. Roadside assistance coverage also includes service to vehicles that may become disabled right in the policy holder’s own driveway. Many customers also like the convenience of being able to call the toll-free phone number provided by their insurance company to request roadside assistance rather than struggling with such issues as changing a flat tire themselves. Roadside assistance coverage is also invaluable for the peace of mind that it provides to drivers of all ages, but especially for seniors and less experienced, very young drivers on the road.

Get to Know Your Roadside Assistance Policy

Be aware that every roadside assistance policy differs from one insurance company to the next. Find out what the limitations of service are on the policy when it comes to choosing a repair facility within a set amount of miles from where the breakdown has occured. Roadside assistance may tow your car for 15 or 20 miles, but not 100 miles from your home unless so specified in your policy. Paying for roadside assistance as part of your policy is also not required if you already belong to a membership organization for motorists offering this service or if you are driving a new car that included roadside assistance as part of the cost of purchase. Some companies require you to also accept collision and comprehensive coverage options in order to carry roadside assistance. There may also be limits to the number of roadside assistance calls you can make with a year’s time and overuse of this benefit may cause your insurance premiums to increase.