Will Theft Recovery Systems Lower Rates?

Theft Recovery Systems Help Lower Auto Insurance Rates

With crime steadily on the increase, automobile owners are more at risk than ever from having their car stolen, especially in high-crime metropolitan areas. At one time, installing a car alarm was sufficient at scaring off would-be auto thieves but a blaring horn usually is no longer enough to stop your expensive motor vehicle from being driven off to the nearest chop shop operated by organized crime. Investing in a theft recovery system not only offers more extensive protection that you will recover your vehicle once it has been stolen, but also provides an incentive for an automobile insurance company to offer you a discount because it greatly decreases their liability in having to pay to replace your stolen car.

Theft Recovery System Protects Car and Lowers Rates

GPS Tracking Device, Theft Recovery Systems and Lower Auto Insurance RatesA theft recovery system goes into action any time your car alarm has been activated. It sends you an alert that your car alarm has been activated and does so silently so that the thief who has broken into your vehicle has no knowledge you have been alerted that a robbery attempt is underway. You can actually see your vehicle’s exact location online. As soon as you determine that the car is no longer in the parking spot or garage where you left it, you can notify local police authorities that your car has been stolen and update them as to its location and the direction it is being driven thanks to the GPS tracking device that is a key feature of any effective theft recovery system.

Theft Recovery System Lowers Risk

Reacting quickly once your vehicle has been stolen increases your chance of the police locating and recovering your vehicle before it has become involved in an accident or been stripped or otherwise damaged. Also, insurance statistics prove that certain makes and models of cars are in a higher risk categories than others for being stolen for their parts. If the vehicle you drive falls into this category, your insurance rates are usually very high unless you can help lower them by alerting your insurance company that you are proactively protecting your car by installing a theft recovery system with GPS tracking capabilities. The recovery rate for automobiles featuring a theft recovery system is as high as 90%, a statistic that insurance companies like to see. Car thefts happen day and night in rural communities as well as in busy cities. But having a reputable GPS theft recovery system installed in your car guarantees you a more attractive insurance rate in addition to helping recover your vehicle as quickly as possible after it’s been stolen.